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Making Memories on Memorial


The Memorial Campus is The Kinkaid School's third location. Originally opened in Mrs. Margaret Kinkaid's home on San Jacinto Ave, the school moved first to Richmond Ave in 1924 then to its current home in 1957. With each move, The Kinkaid School has grown and evolved, looking to serve both its current students and the students of the future.

Featured Items in the Kinkaid School Archives

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"Featured Items in the Kinkaid School Archives" features unique items in the Kinkaid Archives.

This exhibit will be updated periodically as new items are donated and discovered.

Keeping Up School Spirit: Cheering Through the Years, 1949-2012

Notice in the February 1930 issue of "The Kinkaid Kroaker"

"Keeping Up School Spirit: Cheering Through the Years, 1949-2012" showcases the images of Kinkaid's cheerleaders chosen by the Kinkaidian staff for the school yearbooks since 1949.

Cheerleading at Kinkaid began in 1930, with the creation of the Pep Club, which sought to promote school spirit through yells and songs. As the school grew, the cheerleading teams grew along with it, eventually leading to separate Upper School Varsity and Junior Varsity squads as well as multiple cheering squeads in the Middle School. 



The Kinkaid School: First Fifty Years


In 1956, Francita Stuart Koelsch researched the first definitve study Kinkaid's history, culminating in the publication of her work "The Kinkaid School: First Fifty Years." Throughout her research, Koelsch interviewed many of Kinkaid's former faculty and alumni. As a member of the Harris County Historical Commission, she worked with Glenn Ballard to obtain a Historical Marker for the school.

Kinkaid Through The Ages

Travel through the ages at Kinkaid!