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The Falcon 1957 Oct.pdf
Issue of "The Falcon", October 1957, addressing the completed move to the new Kinkaid School Memorial Campus and the ongoing construction

The Falcon 1956 Oct.pdf
Issue of "The Falcon", October 1956, detailing recent updates to the construction of the new Kinkaid School campus

The Falcon 1956 Nov.pdf
Issue of "The Falcon", November 1956, with updates concerning the upcoming 50th Anniversary celebration and progress on the new Kinkaid School Campus

The Falcon 1954 Feb.pdf
Issue of "The Falcon", February 1954, with a feature article about the decision to build a new Kinkaid School campus

Preliminary sketch of the new Memorial Campus

Preliminary sketch of the elementary school wing of the cafeteria and all-purpose room

Ongoing construction on the Memorial Campus

Building the Memorial Campus in the snow

Clearing Land for the Memorial Campus at the future School Entrance

Clearing land for the construction of the new Memorial Campus

Architectural drawing of the planned Cafeteria and Lower School All Purpose Room

A booklet put out by the Board of Trustees with updates concerning the new Memorial Campus

Aerial view of the Memorial Campus. The photo was after the start of the 1957-1958 campus while final construction was underway

Building Progress Report.pdf
A progress report concerning the ongoing construction of the new Memorial Campus
Headmaster Dr. Andy Martire updates the Kinkaid community on the progress of the two large building together projects.
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